Monday Night Football 2019

Monday Night Football 2019 Live: The 49ers’ hold on the top of the NFC and NFC West standings can strengthen greatly with a win over the Seahawks on Monday Night Football. Get a summary of the Seattle Seahawks  NFL football game week 10.

Event Name NFL
Game Date November 11
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The San Francisco 49ers look to seize control of the NFC West on Monday Night Football when they host the Seattle Seahawks. San Francisco, Monday Night Football 2019 Live the league’s last unbeaten team, is a 6.5-point favorite in the latest odds, while the over-under for total points scored .

The 49ers got a victory Sunday without even playing. The New Orleans Saints fell to the Falcons 26-9 and dropped their record to 7-2. That put a little more space between the 49ers and Saints in the race for the No. 1 seed in the NFC. However, the 49ers’ Monday night showdown with the Seahawks was already carrying the weight of a rekindled division rivalry. It was always going to be a huge game at Levi’s Stadium. Now it’s even heavier with San Francisco’s chance to put further distance between them and the rest of the NFC West, and the NFC as a whole.

Let’s take a look at what’s at stake for San Francisco on Monday night. Here’s what the NFC West standings look like after Sunday’s action A 49ers win puts them at 9-0, and drops Seattle to 7-3. That’s a 2.5 game cushion with seven weeks remaining, and one more matchup waiting between these two clubs at the end of the year. It wouldn’t necessarily clinch the division, put it would put San Francisco in a spot where they’d need a pretty monumental collapse to slip out of the top spot in the division.

There’s the underlying benefit of re-asserting dominance in the rivalry with Seattle. A rivalry the Seahawks owned for a half decade. Getting a victory over a playoff team and bitter rival would validate a lot of what the 49ers have done through the first nine weeks.

What if the 49ers lose?
It’s not the end of the world, but it stings because of how monumental a win would’ve been. The 49ers would be at 8-1 with the 8-2 Seahawks nipping at their heels. That’s not a comfortable spot to be in with games against Green Bay, New Orleans, Baltimore, and another against Seattle all looming.

It would be easy to write off as a fluke if George Kittle misses the game, and losing one out of the first nine games would still be astronomically better than most people thought San Francisco would start, but the 2.5-game vs. 0.5-game separation in the division is significant, so a home loss to the Seahawks would certainly put a dent in the 49ers’ division championship aspirations.There’s more than just the division to worry about though. The 49ers are in a position to snag the No. 1 overall seed and ensure the road to Super Bowl LIV goes through Levi’s Stadium.

New Orleans’ loss to Atlanta put a little breathing room between them and the 49ers for the top spot in the conference, but San Francisco can’t exhale yet. There are still plenty of conference-wide consequences for them Monday night.

Here’s what the NFC playoff picture looks like after Sunday’s games, Getting the full two-game lead on the Saints and Packers would be massive considering the 49ers play both teams later in the year. Getting separation before those contests eliminates some of the pressure to win for head-to-head tiebreak purposes when the final playoff seeding comes down.

Losing to the Seahawks would squander a gift for the 49ers from Atlanta after they upset the Saints in New Orleans. They have to take advantage of any opportunity to pick up additional ground in the standings. It was already a big game had the Saints won, but their loss and the potential for a two-game lead makes it bigger.

What if the 49ers lose?
It’s not the end of the world because New Orleans did fall to the Falcons. That additional game of insurance is nice to have in the event the 49ers stumble at any point over the brutal back half of their schedule.

San Francisco would still be at the top of the NFC if Seattle emerges with the victory Monday night, but their lead would stick at one game, which is where it was entering the weekend.

While a loss wouldn’t derail the 49ers’ remarkable start, it would weaken their ability to put an early stranglehold on the top spot in the NFC, and keep them from taking a step toward home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

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